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Company Profile

Company Profile

Abbaco Controls Sdn Bhd incorporated in Malaysia, in year 2009 based in Puchong, Selangor. We are specializes in SCADA and automated systems. We focus on the design and implementation of SCADA and automation projects in Malaysia and neighboring countries such as Laos, Philippines and etc. We are specifically in the following industries: water supply and waste water treatment, electrical power stations, process plants, manufacturing plants and delicate control systems.

Our company is backed by research & development in system integration which focuses on the leading edge of SCADA technology in the market. Thus, we are capable of providing extensive and comprehensive services for the full integration of SCADA system application using SCADA software. Our in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of communication protocols and networking creates seamless integration of data sources.

With our experience with the various of products in the market, we are able to integrate virtually any type of PLC or RTU devices. Our expertise extends to web connectivity, networking, communication, data acquisition, alarms, reporting, and operator interface.

On top of that, we pride ourselves with good project management skills which can guarantee success in any Engineering Project. We are able to customize our products and services to each client, satisfying their unique requirements based on their existing equipment, resources and capabilities. Whether it's a customized control program or a complete computer-integrated manufacturing system linked with data collection and inventory systems, we are the perfect fit to achieving our clients’ goals.