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ABB Control panels CP600
ABB Control panels CP600
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ABB Control panels CP600

Control panels CP600

The CP600 control panels range with screen sizes from 4.3“ to 15“ provides comprehensive HMI functions for various applications. The CP600 range is completed by panels in sanitary design as well as black front variants. PB610 Panel Builder 600, part of Automation Builder, is the user interface design tool for the CP600 platform. The CP600-WEB range is based on the same hardware as CP600, while the user interface is provided from a connected web server of the AC500 PLC platform.

Common features CP600 and CP600-WEB

  • Seven different screen sizes with either standard aspect ratio or widescreen from 4.3” to 15”, suitable for the most diverse applications.
  • TFT 65536 color touch screens, dimmable down to black screen.
  • Robust aluminum case with IP66 front plate.
  • Ethernet interface with switch for easy cabling and comfortable programming.
  • SD-card for memory extension, screen saver slide show, backup and installation.
  • 1…2 USB host interfaces for external keyboard, mouse and equal functions as the SD-card.
  • Clock/calendar, backup via rechargeable, non-replaceable lithium battery.
  • Various approvals and certifications.
  • HMI applications: CP600 for PB610 Panel Builder 600 applications, CP600-WEB for visualization of AC500 V2 web server applications.


  • Design tool for user interface: PB610 Panel Builder 600.
  • PB610 application stored in CP600 memory.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics SVG, free graphic widgets in large gallery.
  • ABB drivers for effortless integration into e.g. ABB AC500 PLC platform, ABB Drives and ABB Motion controllers.
  • Drivers for integration into a couple of third party automation systems.
  • OPC UA client and server supported.
  • Up to four physical protocols in parallel.
  • Several options for remote access, plus FTP, SNTP, RSS.
  • Data transfer function to convert between protocols and interfaces like a gateway.
  • Web cam and video playback for CP651, CP661, CP665 and CP676.
  • Project file download to control panel with PB610 Panel Builder 600 via Ethernet.


  • Design tool for user interface: Automation Builder for web server in AC500 V2 CPU.
  • Web server HMI application is part of PLC program and stored in AC500 CPU memory.
  • Variables of controller and visualization are within the same project.
  • Direct connection to an AC500 web server via Ethernet interface.
  • Connectivity to additional e.g. PLCs, drives, third party automation systems has to be realized via the connected AC500 CPU.
  • Options for remote access as supported by connected AC500 CPU.

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